Aaaand... again

StarSpace was on hold for about a year. Now it's back. I don't know if it's going to stay that way for a long time, but this time I hope to get further along.

The client is now written in XUL, which means it will be multi-platform.

The server is now based on Lua and therefore is fully scriptable and easily extendable.

The game will be designed much more deeply, and therefore will have more features.

I hope.

Sockets Suck

I emerge victorious after a long and tough battle with sockets on Windows.

Using sockets on Windows is a pain. You have to use 3x as much functions than on Linux, functions that could easily be replaced by a single call. I guess developer friendliness wasn't important to people at Microsoft.

Anyway, I'm finally starting to write gameplay code. There should be screenshots in the Gallery section sometime this week.


Don't tell Gregu. I've started working a bit on Starspace. Did a lot of under-the-hood changes and crystalized the design spec a little. Yeah, not much, really, but enough for me to get excited about Starspace again.

More time

Sigh... So, I have some free time now. That means I can concentrate on StarSpace. I've fixed a lot of bugs, added chat and a ship display. Next things on the menu are: functional inventory and space travel. After that, the only things that will be left are the locations. Also, Gregu has to do some graphics :)

Welcome to Codename: StarSpace

The Codename: StarSpace site is up and running. We'll be reporting progress on the game here, and posting screenshots and/or concept art.

Well I'm halfway through the network code, writing it is more of a pain than I thought it'd be. Apparently there are very few good resources about sockets on the internet, and those few aren't 100% complete. And reading man pages takes some time. But it's working to some degree, and in the course of the next few days I'll have to make some hard decisions about the structure of the main and helper classes. I had to rewrite quite a lot of my older code to make it safer and more compatible. Also, making data portable is a pain.

And I haven't even started the gameplay code yet.

Network code pretty much done

Yeah, so the network code is pretty much complete. Now it's time for field testing, which pretty much will be the entire game.